Amputee Support Group of Mendocino

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If you are an amputee and are interested in helping and want to join such a group, please contact me, Richard Kaderli.  Since there are so few resources in Northern CA, don't worry if you are a county or two away. 

Our Mission

Providing a face to face site for the amputee to talk about the resources, personal challenges,and social interaction that he finds in Mendocino, Lake, or Sonoma County.

Becoming a Member

Naturally it is free-- just connect.  Amputees, their family, and partners are welcome.
Please no devotees, O&P practices or their industry.

Amputee and son
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Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Mailing Address:

 Richard Kaderli

Got any writing/poetry about being an amp.or want to read some? Click on my blog.